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XPS M1530 Display Issue

Hi There,

I have XPS M1530 computer. I restarted my computer today and no display at all. I can here the sound of Windows coming back, all the lights are on but not display. When I connect my computer to TV , I can see everything on TV . I have restore from the last restore point but no display. Any idea... Thank you in advance.

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RE: XPS M1530 Display Issue

Shine a bright light on the screen - if you can see a faint image, it's likely the backlight or inverter has failed.

If you see nothing, it's likely the video chip is bad (yes, they can fail in such a way as the external screen works while the internal one does not).

In either case, it may make no economic sense to put the significant repair cost into a system that is this old -- if it's useable as a desktop with an external screen, it may still work for you, but it's in reality a 7+ year old notebook - and sinking a minimum of a few hundred dollars in repair into a system this old isn't a great idea.

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RE: XPS M1530 Display Issue

Either the display or the backlight system is faulty. When the display should be on, look carefully at the screen using a small flashlight. If you see a very dim display, the backlight system is bad. If you see nothing, then the display itself is bad. It could be a loose plug connecting the display or the screen is bad.

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