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XPS M1530 and 2560x1440 on U2711 with HDMI [SOLVED AND WORKING]


Hello there,

I'm using XPS M1530 and U2711 and I had the same problem. I wanted my 2560x1440 throught HDMI.

After hours of testing and thinking I figured it out!

current resolution is higher than a maximum resolution... funny


(I'm sorry for czech windows 😄 I hope you got the point)

1) check, if your videocard has a duallink output. If not, don't even try 🙂

try to find it out here (http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-8600M-GT.3986.0.html)

2) use this version of NVidia driver and control panel (195.62)

download here: http://rapidshare.com/files/454110799/nvidia-195-62.zip

I was not able to make it work with newer ones...

3) use my tweaked driver (I've just added a 2560x1440 possibility to HDMI resolution list)

download here: http://rapidshare.com/files/454110938/U2711-tweak.zip

or just use some from windows (ie. flat panel with resolution 2560x1600)

how to install this driver?

a) open device manager

b) select driver tab, update driver and search driver in computer

c) select  "choose driver from list" option

d) choose from disk and browse to my tweaked driver


uncheck the checkbox and select the windows standard one (flat digital panel 2560x1600 60Hz)


e) open the NVidia panel, select resolution tab, select your U2711 and click add new resoluion

f) allow showing resolutions not supported by monitor and click on create new resolution

g) here is my settings screenshot

h) try to change the resoluion to 2560x1440


4) there are still some problems with windows and nvidia driver... when I turn off computer with 2560x1440, windows force restarting graphics adapter and change the resolution back at starting up...

but you can change it to 2560x1440 back in nvidia panel




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Re: XPS M1530 and 2560x1440 on U2711 with HDMI [SOLVED AND WORKING]

I was wondering if you could repost your tweaked driver. The link on RapidShare doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks in advance.

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Re: XPS M1530 and 2560x1440 on U2711 with HDMI [SOLVED AND WORKING]

You don't need custom drivers. Just get the latest ones from the nVidia site, then create a custom resolution under nVidia settings / Change resolution / customize. Make sure you choose the right display to create for.

It didn't work until I updated my GT8600 M driver. Now it's working perfectly. Hope this helps.

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Re: XPS M1530 and 2560x1440 on U2711 with HDMI [SOLVED AND WORKING]

Can you please Upload the twaekd river for dell U2711 again ? i need it for my radeon card it wont work otherwise.

Can you also tell me how you tweaked the driver. Did you use any program ?

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