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XPS M1710 Gaming Issues



i have recently tried to play both bioshock and ghost recon 2, and within 10 minutes of playing the game, my laptop powers off automatically. the bios indicates that it powered off due to overheating so it was a safety precaution. i don't play the game on high res and graphics, 1280x1024 at most with various other settings at either low or medium.


has anyone else experienced this? or can someone shed some light on why a pretty high spec laptop cannot handle these games. thank you


XPS M1710 

T7400 2.16Ghz

2064 DDR2 Ram

512ram 7950gtx

32bit vista

160gb 5400rpm hdd

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First, check to be sure there's not an accumulation of dust on the heatsink-fan assembly.  If there is, blast it clean with some compressed duster.


If the system is clean, are you using it properly - i.e., on a hard, flat desk or table - NOT on your lap, a sofa, bed, etc., which will block the air intake?


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there seems to be no visible build up of dust, i cant say for the inside as that will require me opening the laptop up and i would rather avoid doing that.
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If the system is under warranty, call Dell for warranty service.

If it's out of warranty and you are not comfortable opening the system, consult a qualified computer repair shop.


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