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XPS M1710 Overheating & Shutting Down Automatically



i recently tried to play bioshock and ghost recon 2, and within playin both games for no longer than 10 minutes, my laptop automatically powers off and will not let me boot up until it has cooled down for a few mins. i am not cranking up the graphics and resolution in the games and simply playin them on 1280x1024 but yet my laptop still powers off. i know its caused by over heating, but i expect a laptop that i only purchased 8 months ago to be able to handle games like these.


any suggestions?


XPS M1710 

T7400 2.16Ghz

2064 DDR2 Ram

7950gtx 512ram

32bit vista

160gb 5400rpm hdd


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It is still under warranty, so contact Dell.
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i got the same thing ( tried playing crysis..and it just overheated )

i used a compressed air can to blow out the dust .;and the temperatures are lower..and i can play


i did mail Dell twice .. no answer..

next i'll be calling them to either come and open it up to clean or to replace my graphics card..

cause this is annoying.. and they dont even respond to a ticket you submit ( eventho they say they'll respond within 24hrs.. i waited 2 weeks )..


my machine is 2y old tho ( still got warranty ) and it just recently started overheating.. so i'm guessing a dust build up 


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i have emailed to inquire about my issues, but they sometimes do take quite a while to reply if they do reply at all, and to call its an 0870 number which charges and they tend to put you on hold for quite a while lol which really bugs me.


thanks for the info, i will see what i can do about it.

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u got any updates?

'd love to know how they fix your m1710 

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i havent had any real effective feedback and dell still have not replied to me.


btw any recommended sites to buy air duster from?



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not really.. i just get it at my local hardwarestore
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