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XPS M1710 wiring modification

Hello all. I have recently bought a used M1710 and decided to strip it and check it over and give it a clean out. It had originaly been loaded with Vista and when purchased had Windows 7 64 bit. It also seemed to have some Chinese software associated with Win 7? Anyway on opening the case I found this:

You can see an extra red wire snaking round the top of the board joining the two fans and then going to a small sliding switch next to the optical drive. This switch can be operated from under the computer to operate both fans at high speed.

This shot above shows the wiring going to the small switch just next to the optical drive.

The shot below shows the wiring added to the smaller fan power lead.

I have so far already completed a clean install of Windows XP 32 bit since the computer kept hanging when i tried to run reloaded Dell programs like Quickset. I have also loaded the fan control software ik8fan to better control the operation of the fans and that seems to work fine at the moment.

My question is can I safely remove this wiring modification and how should I go about it?

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RE: XPS M1710 wiring modification

I know this is a long time in coming, but that guy basically shunting <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> 5 extra volts from the USB board to the fans. If they do operate on full already, if you run that it will shunt 17 volts through the fan when it decides it needs full cooling (like when overclocking)...it will burn out so incredibly fast, either the fans or the USB port by pulling definitely more than half an amp all the time.

This is a dangerous modification to the board and you should get rid of it immediately, yes it's safe to do so.
A better modification would be cleaning it and adding thermal paste or copper shims to the video card and northbridge.
I will say though, it's ingenious if you can't control the fans yourself, but it doesn't override the bios control, and if you can do that, then this modification is completely unneeded.
If you want manual control of the fans I can guide you how to do that safely.

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