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XPS Soundcard upgrade problem

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I have an XPS 420 with integrated Audigy Advanced.

It does not have facility to record from a microphone so I upgraded with a Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio which works ok on the rear ports.

But if I attach a headphone to the front ports I get sound but no microphone response.

I note on the back ports my speakers are using the X-Fi drivers but when I plug a headphone into the front it switches to using the 2 MS High Definition Audio Device drives. I presume this is the integrated sound. If I disable the HDAD drives I get nothing and if removed they reinstall themsleves on restart. Any other drivers were uninstalled.

How can I get all ports running off the X-Fi soundcard?

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That's not how the ports work. The front ports are physically connected to the Azalia header on the motherboard and cannot be connected to the X-Fi. The X-Fis with an actual X-Fi audio chip (as opposed to the XtremeAudio which only has an Audigy 2 ZS chip) have a separate header on the board which allows you to connect a breakout box which fits into a 5.25" drive bay at the front of your computer. Unfortunately, you have no easy resolution to this issue.

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