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XPS m1330 will not start up. CAPS Lock & Scroll Lock blinking.

About a year ago, my m1330 decided to just stop working (conveniently a month after the warranty expired) and each time I tried booting it up, I could hear the hard drive start to move but the fan would not start and the CAPS and Scroll Lock button were blinking

I gave up on troubleshooting it for a year and decided a few days ago to pull it out to look at it again since I still could not get over that I only got barely over a year's worth of usage out of a $1800 laptop. I hit the power button and miraculously it fired up and worked with no issues. When it was on, I did every test possible and there were no issues reported. Then the computer went to sleep for the night and I came back down the next morning and of course I hit the power button and the computer would not start up and the CAPS Lock and Scroll Link were blinking again.

Now, after endless Googling and message board hunting, I understand the issue is more than likely the memory. I also understand the fix to this is taking the memory out and trying it in different slots. Well, I have done this with both sticks. I've swapped them and used just one stick in slot A and slot B. This has been a fix for a lot of people's issues but it has not worked for me. No matter how I do it, the computer still will not boot. 

My question is could this possibly be an issue with the motherboard or just the DIMM slots themselves or is there something I am just missing? I have not tried a third stick of the RAM yet. I have been trying to isolate which RAM chip it could be that is bad and I am wondering what the odds are if both RAM chips stopped working. 

The thing that has me hung up is how after leaving it alone for a year that it would all of a sudden started working for a night then stop working again. 

Any help is appreciated. 


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Re: XPS m1330 will not start up. CAPS Lock & Scroll Lock blinking.

Bad motherboard (probably due to the NVidia video). Online with Dell as I write to deal with  a permanently dead computer. They also came to that conclusion. Fortunately it is still under warranty. FYI if that is the issue they have extended warranties on many laptops dealing with this issue