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XPS unresponsive, error messages in event viewer


I have an XPS 15 running Windows 7.  It will run normally and then become unresponsive.  It won't shut down, I can't get the task manager up, applications will not open.  I have restored twice prior to previous windows updates and that seems to help initially but then will become unresponsive again shortly after.  This has been an issue for about a week to ten days.  

I use IOLO System Mechanic on full time protection.  I have run additional scans but it is not finding any virus or spyware.  

In safe mode I get error messages sometimes when trying to view the windows applications in event viewer.  I can't uninstall in safe mode, it tells me the uninstall tool is not installed properly.  (Maybe this is normal?)  Applications seem to respond better in safe mode but not as fast as they normally do.  I did have to shut down using the power button (task manager, restart button would not work) once in safe mode while trying to uninstall Itunes.  

I get these error messages in the event viewer consistently over the last several days:

WMI event error ID 10

CAPI2 event error id 512

ESENT event error id 489

Dozens of Bonjour Services errors, event id 100 (I had trouble with Itunes installing the recent update- it would not.  I  uninstalled Bonjour tonight and then attempted to uninstall Itunes but the uninstaller would just freeze up)

Search error ID 7042 (Corrupt Catalog)

Any thoughts on an easy fix?  

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