XPS13 (9333) & SuperSpeed Dock (332-0446) - losing wifi

Just purchased a new XPS 13 (9333) and 2 Dell Superspeed USB3.0 docks (332-0446) for a remote user.  The user received them and I setup the laptop remotely and installed the latest drivers from DisplayLink for the dock.  Upon connecting the dock, the laptop can no longer use wifi.  It still shows wireless networks, and will connect, but cannot access the internet.  Currently the user does not have any wired connections accessible.  I had the user disable the wired LAN connection, hoping that would force it to wifi, but it did not.  There is no "Disable upon wired connect" driver setting.  I also checked all of the various Intel utilities and found nothing that would pertain to this behavior.

This is happening with both docks at two different locations across 3 different wireless networks.  As soon as the dock is unplugged, wifi works correctly.  Google has not been helpful either, which is unusual.  I'm hoping someone else has this combo and can shed some light on this.

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