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XPS13 (9343, Early 2015) Wireless issues after Windows Creator Update (Build 1709)


After upgrading my XPS13 to last Creator Update (Build 1709) I face a lot of wireless issues.

  • Many wireless networks availables do not show on the list of available networks even if are active and I can connect with other devices
  • takes a very long time to connect to wireless networks and shows the yellow triangle and need to try several times until it connects.
  • After sleeping or hibernating the laptop it does not connect to any wireless network. I need to restart and wait for quite a long time (over 5 minutes sometimes) until XPS13 connects again.
  • XPS13 easily disconnects from active wireless networks

Before updating to Windows Creator Update (Build 1709), XPS13 worked like a charm.

  • Already run Dell diagnosys and did not detect anythinh wrong.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Dell Wireless 1560 802.11 ac

But still facing the wireless issues. It makes working with my XPS13 difficult.

So I would like to know:

  • How could I check what is wrong?
  • Could I uninstall the 1709?
  • if that was not possible: How could I do a fresh install (and do not loose the Windows Pro upgrade I bought some months ago)?

Many thanks!


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  • Could I uninstall the 1709?


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im having the exact same issue and when I roll back the Windows version, the new update is loaded and gets installed on the next reboot.

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Yes, uninstalling it did not solve the issue.

Lost without solution. :-(

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Looks like its a driver issue and there is no ETA on the fix.

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