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XPS13 9350 Windows 7: No wireless screen functionality (Miracast)


I´ve successfully installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate after getting rid of Windows 10. It was not easy but I could successfully install it together with all its drivers. There are no unknown devices in the device manager.

But for the life of me I haven´t found a way to project the screen wireless (AKA Miracast/WIDI). It did work when in Windows 10.

I´ve tried installing the Intel WIDI Utility Application v6.0.52.0 (A01) found in the corresponding W7 x64 drivers web page to no avail, the installer stops claiming that the platform is not WIDI compatible.

EDIT: After some research I´ve found out that likely because of the Dell 1820A (Broadcom) adapter this laptop is not WIDI compatible. However it is Miracast enabled

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated, I really don´t want to go back to W10, W7 works much smoother.

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