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XPS13-L321X - sleep wake up don't works

i wish to solve an issue about wake up from sleep state through Logitech mouse anywhere MX or pushing keyboard keys in o.s. windows Seven ultimate;

the laptop go in sleep state how configured in energy center of Windows 7 Ult.;

but i wish to wake up the laptop by sleep state through a simply moving of mouse or pushing a keyboard key with lid open, but netiher work;


Pratically, i setted for every “HID compatible dispositive”,for “usb input dispositive”, “Logitech HID-compliant Unyfing Device” under “Human Interface Device (HID)” and under “Controller USB (Universal Serial Bus)” and “Mouse and other pointing device”, always “allow to peripheral to wake up the computer”.

Notwithstanding that settings under Device Manager, mouse Logitech with SetPoint Logitech don’t works and the same for the keyboard;

I checked bios ( version A02 ) settings and I seen that “USB Wake support” is disabled. I tried to enable it but not is possible do it;

I updated the bios version to A08 but nothing change about “USB Wake support” that is always disabled ( without any chance to enable it ).


I checked the Fresco driver ( the Logitech mouse is plugged inside the Fresco controller usb ) that I have previously updated, but i have updated the Fresco driver to last one available version,A03 and the updates is gone successfully but nothing change.


I wish have support on how to solve this malfunctioning. Thanks


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