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XPS13 L322X "Plugged in, not charging"

I guess this is yet another case of a laptop failing right after warranty expires.

I obviously have the problem so many had before me with a L322X XPS13.

I tried a brand new Dell adapter at a shop, didn't solve the problem.

I had the laptop plug and cable changed, didn't solve the problem.

I changed the battery, didn't solve the problem.

I drained the residual power, updated everything, reinstalled drivers and even windows. Guess what? Yep, didn't change a thing.

I now have an XPS13 that is at 9% from a brand new battery that is going down each time I have a security check at the airport... It's a matter of time until I have to leave it home because it won't charge.

I have now ordered a brand new mainboard / motherboard because it actually is the only thing that is involved in charging the battery I haven't changed...

I'll let you know, what happens with it, guys...

But now, what I can say is Dell laptops sux big time if you are stupid enough not to buy the extended on site support.

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did you ever find a solution?

Dell don't appear to be very helpful.

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You should use the Dell Chat Line which is a real time connection. You can type the first message ahead of time and copy it to the Chat. Works better than verbal discussion and you have a copy if the Chat for your records.

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Dell came and although I had two separate adaptors, a new one they supplied for free worked.

So I must say the 30 mins on the phone to Dell support with an engineer arriving the next day, paid off for me.

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This worked for me!

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when you say adapter?

do u mean the charging port or the actual ac adapter that plug into the wall..

my pc is doing the same thing sayin 0% battery life and i just purchased a new battery with no luck.. this is not fun spending money on my XPS with no results.. love my dell products but this is getting rediculous

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