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XPS13 Ultrabook Died - Need Help

Our 14 month old laptop just died on us while surfing the net unplugged. It didn't show any sign or flicker but went dead - as in no power at all. (pressed that button to check on batt level - no light showed) Even plugging it in, there's no light, sound or any sign of its life. The AC charger's LED doesn't lit up either.

Of course it has to happen a few months after its warranty expiring.

We can't open the case since I still have to order a torx4 screw driver to get into the battery. Waiting for amazon to ship it and by then i can check w/o the batt if it lights up.

Have you guys have any suggestion on how to fix this?

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Drew nlm
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RE: XPS13 Ultrabook Died - Need Help

I have the same problem except my charger appears to be working. no charging light, wont switch on, battery level indicator shows nothing?.

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