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XPS15 9550 - Slow scrolling and page loading in Chrome on external monitor

I'm using an external monitor that scales at 100% (1440p 32"). The internal monitor is 4K, so scales at 250%. In a day I might need to plug and unplug the external monitor (from HDMI port) several times, and after a few times, it seems to struggle with switching between the scaling of external and internal monitors. On Chrome, for example, scrolling sometimes is noticeably lagging, and new pages will flash multiple times as they are loading. Moving Chrome over to the internal monitor (with 250% scaling) and everything seems to work fine. Restarting Chrome doesn't change the issue. A whole reboot is necessary.

I would guess it's a driver issue. I also have light screen flickering, though I only notice it when not using the external monitor.

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