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XPS15 - L501X

I have recently purchased my Dell L501X via e-bay and am unsure if it has the following fetaures:

1. My backlit does not work

2. My webcam does not work

3. My (mobile) simcard slot does not recognise my simcard

4. No Bluetooth on this PC

I am not sure that it was ''built'' with these does one check these features?

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RE: XPS15 - L501X


Only US International keyboards have backlit feature. If your computer is a US model you would press the F6.

Manage the backlit keyboard brightness settings - to toggle the three lighting states (in the given order) -
Half keyboard brightness
Full keyboard brightness
No lighting


The Dell™ XPS™ L501X system comes with an integrated, high-speed USB 2.0-compliant H.264 personal camera that comes with a 1/4-inch 2MP CMOS image sensor. The sensor has an active imaging pixel array of 1600x1200, which will be able to capture images resolution up to 2M and record HD video up to 1280x720 resolution. This camera is designed for high definition messaging and video conference applications with 1.2Mbps bandwidth requirement and video sharing.

H.264, also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is a video compression standard that offers significantly greater compression than its predecessors (H.263 and H.261). The standard offers up to twice the compression of the current MPEG-4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile), in addition to improvements in perceptual quality. The H.264 standard can provide DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps, and is optional for full-motion video over wireless, satellite, and ADSL Internet connections.

The camera is located at the top of the LCD and is fixed, which means the camera itself does not move. However, the Dell™ Webcam Central software it uses provides limited panning abilities.

The Dell™ Webcam Central software solution will provide an integrated and the best user experience using the embedded camera in the Dell™ XPS™ L501X.

It provides video and photo capture capabilities to allow users a quick capture of the video. In addition to this, it will also provide a companion console that will allow users to adjust the video of the camera to suit the various lighting environment.

Using and Troubleshooting Dell WebCam and Dell WebCam Software


The Dell™ XPS™ L501X systems offer the following Bluetooth Daughter Card (BDC) as a bluetooth option. It would be on when the wireless is turned on.

Broadcom BCM2070 - Single-Chip Bluetooth 3.0 HCI Solution

Sim Card

The WWAN card slot on the Dell™ XPS™ L501X system is located on the bottom of the system underneath the access panel. Use this slot either for WWAN cards or for the Intel® Flash Cache Logic Chip. WLAN cards do not work in this slot and should not be installed here.

systems sold with a WWAN card have a removable sticker on the left-hand palm rest that includes contact information and instructions for activating the WWAN service.

The system offers the following WWAN cards options:

Dell™ Wireless 5620 Mobile Broadband Mini-Card
Dell™ Wireless 5540 HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card

Dell XPS 501x Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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