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XPS15 and openCL

I have a relatively new XPS15 configured with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M video card with 2GB of memory. I have downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers for the card and they installed properly.

I recently downloaded the trial of dxo photo software, version 7, and it has openCL support.  According to the dxo web site the 540M video card supports openCL but the dxo software will not let me check it to turn it on in the software (the checkbox is disabled). Dxo support says that means that their software, when querying the video card, received a response that says that the card either does not support openCL or it is not enabled on the card.

What I am trying to find out is if this system does support openCL and, if so, how can I determine if it is turned on? If it is not turned on, how can I turn it on? I have been running the dxo software with the graphics processor set to the NVIDIA card. Can anyone help me here?


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