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XPS15 mini displayport issue with Ultrasharp U2713H

Good morning,
I have a DELL XPS 15 laptop for photography, with a great Ultrasharp U2713H (not HM).

I have to use a mini-DP to DP converter cable in order to connect them together, and it worked very good until I upgraded my OS from Windows 8.1 to 10 last year.
Since this upgrade, the communication between my computer and the monitor is just completely not working. The monitor says "entrer en economiser puissance" (I'm french). The HDMI connection works just fine, but is unable to give me the full WQHD resolution.

I tried 2 differents mini-DP to DP cables with the same results. My laptop doesn't even show the external monitor on the display settings window, and the "fn" quick launch for screen sharing options doesn't solved the problem at all.

I have updated the Intel HD4000 driver, and the Nvidia GT630M driver, but the problem is still here.

At the begining I thought this problem will probably be solved quickly by a DELL driver release, but nothing happened, and I'm stuck for almost one year now, trying to solve this apparently "tiny problem".... And apparently I am not the only DELL user experiencing this issue, almost all the people with the same problem have downgraded to 8.1 or 7 and the problem was solved, but I don't want to go back to 8.1  because I really don't like this windows version...

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