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XPS17 L702X Touchpad Drivers and Fan Control

I have an older Dell xps17 L702x laptop that the hard drive failed on so I replaced it with an SSD, at the same time I upgraded the ram to 16mb - man this thing is a tank and heavy but it runs SUPER fast now!

The two quirks I can't figure out since reinstalling windows 7 home premium are my touchpad, and fans.

I need drivers for the touchpad but I can't seem to find them via the detect laptop thru dell website, every driver I could find I did install off the dell drivers support website including updating the bios, but it's seeing my touchpad as a generic windows mouse with a driver from 2006 so in control panel I don't have features and functions like I used to for that touchpad.

I am not even sure how to detect what touchpad I have or what the proper driver is for it, I removed the driver restarted but it installed the same generic windows mouse drivers for it.

Before I get into the fans issue, everything seems to run fine and cool, until I open certain programs like firefox, then it runs about 80% speed and generates some heat to the vents, I have cleaned out inside and even re-applied a new thin even coat of some arctic silver, most of the time I don't even have fans going but something simple like firefox suddenly will send it racing for no reason, even in task manager I am showing almost no resource use for cpu (under 10) and memory I have headroom for days, so it doesn't make much sense (it's been a while since I had used this due to that dead hard drive) but I do remember setting up touchpad options which i don't even see right now, and the fan thing is just odd, but this thing boots in seconds now and just FLIES in every other respect, so I sure would like to figure these small things out and although it's a boat anchor this thing may just serve me well for another few years now if I can get these small things worked out.

Thanks for any input or help.

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RE: XPS17 L702X Touchpad Drivers and Fan Control

install drivers after OS install starting with chipset first

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