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XPSM1710 overheating

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Hi Guys,


I’ve got a major problem on my hands, I have an XPSM1710 which is approximately two years old and the stupid thing keeps overheating. I have had nothing but problems with this machine, over the last two years it has had the same problem three times, each time is an M1004 error during game play (normally after about 20 minutes). Everything in the machine has been replaced at least once apart from the HDD and the memory. Yes I mean everything, GPU, CPU, Fans, Motherboard, Screen. Each time it is repaired the system lasts for about three months (just long enough for the new warranty to run out) before it happens again.


My problem is compounded by the fact that I use a wheelchair and don’t have the dexterity to take the machine apart myself and clean the fans and the only person I know with the technical knowledge is partially sighted and he understandably doesn’t want to go messing around with the insides of a $2000 laptop. I am on the verge of junking this machine entirely but was wondering whether a Zalman notebook cooler would solve any of my problems?


Any other advice you have would be greatly appreciated because otherwise I shall throw this oversized paperweight away. I have spent too much of my own money on this machine already and do not want to spend any more. Dell has assisted at times but I see no point in sinking money into something I feel is defective by design as it will happen three months down the line. To give you an idea of my temperatures (using Speedfan 4.37 with only 1 Word Window open)


GPU - 74C

HDD - 46C

Core 0 - 65C

Core 1 - 68C

Core - 66C



Core 2 Duo T7400 2.16GHz


Geforce 7950GTX (Standard drivers from website, Betas have been tried to see if they solve problem but don’t)

BIOS Revision A07

Windows XP SP3 (same results under SP2 and Vista)

Have also tried both on and off the dock in different rooms at different temperatures, doesn’t make a difference.

Have also tried I8fanGUI.


Thanks in advance,

Chris (UNSRM)


PS. Note to moderators, it was not my intent to publish words you deem unacceptable, for this I apologise. Hopefully the edited version will meet eith your approval.

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