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XPX 17 (L701X) - Same Waves Maxx Audio/ Quickset/ Realtek driver problem = WHERE IS DELL'S OFFICIAL RESPONSE? SIMPLIFIED?

Ok, I read through the threads and various forums on Dell's support pages and have not found an official set of DELL instructions, corrections to drivers, notice or alert to XPX notebook owners with the same complaint or problem.

My hard drive died and was replaced so I reinstalled Windows 7 Premium and ALL the Dell recommended drivers from their download site plus everything on the XPX discs I received with my notebook.

The Realtek driver is a wimpy offering and doesn't restore our use of the Waves Maxx Audio quick button or controls.  Sound sucks and the awesome sound was one of the reasons I selected this unit.

So bottom line is:  I would like one simplified notice from Dell indicating the correct steps, driver, shortcuts, etc.  Plus in the 1-1/2 years since I have owned this brick I have NEVER received any sort of update notice or email from Dell for my unit.  My Toshiba notebooks costing less than half of my XPX17 were stable, dependable, outstanding performers and Toshiba sends out email alerts for updates.  What is wrong with this picture?

I stay away from Dell's "support" pages and forums because I find them frustrating.  Over and over you read about the uninformed and inept tech support received when calling Dell.  Doesn't Dell listen? 

So if there is any Dell technical forum admin reading this, please send me and post a direct solution with direct and plain language.  Fix the drivers please and add the quickset drivers to the downloads page.



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