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Xps 13 9343 sleep wake/8 beeps issue?

Recently on my xps 13, I've been unable to wake it up after it has entered sleep mode unless I did a hard reset by holding down the power button. The issue is that after I tried to power it on again, it would just give out 8 beeps until I powered it off.

I have phoned Dell and it seems like an lcd/motherboard issue, however, I have managed to eventually boot it up by plugging it in and powering it on, or by pressing the "d" key during boot up. Right now, it is working perfectly once booted which makes me skeptical of any hardware issue?

Any suggestions? I have reinstalled the BIOS and any recent drivers?

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RE: Xps 13 9343 sleep wake/8 beeps issue?


Eight beeps usually means there's an issue with the LCD screen. Holding down the power button may have fix the LCD problem. Since the system is working perfectly now, I'd suggest running a custom test on the LCD by following the steps in Dell video below.

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