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Xps 13 Back up all files.

Hi guys my xps 13 is being sent off for repairs in which the motherboard will be changed and all data wiped.

Just trying to figure out what is the best way to back up all of my files off the laptop?

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9 Rhodium

RE: Xps 13 Back up all files.

Does the system boot up and run now?

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5 Rhenium

RE: Xps 13 Back up all files.

If you can, I would capture a full system image rather than just backing up your files.  Macrium Reflect is a popular application for this purpose, and it has both free and paid versions, but the free version should be fine for your purposes.  Just make sure that you build Rescue Media so that when you get your system back, you can immediately boot it into Rescue Media and restore your image.

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