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Xps 15 9560 bluetooth stopped working

Hi, Dell

i've had this laptop for about 2 months now and the blue tooth suddenly stopped working. I've got a MX anywhere 2 mouse in my possession and for the life of my i could not get it to connect to my laptop. After my assessing, i've realized it must be my machine and not the mouse, since i can see its paired and powered on, while the laptop says the mouse is powered off. 

How should i fix this problem. 

Thank You.

P.S furthermore, this is not the first time the bluetooth doesn't work. Occasionally, my machine desync my blue tooth devices and i had to restart it multiple times to get it to work. 

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RE: Xps 15 9560 bluetooth stopped working

Check your BT driver version and compare it with the one on the Dell support site, or run the Dell Command Update app, see Dell Command | Update Version 2.3 User's Guide

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RE: Xps 15 9560 bluetooth stopped working

Folks have been having problems with Bluetooth after the last update.  The connection process was changed so you have to select what type of device you are using.   It may also be related to your actual Bluetooth device.

I had a situation with a Bluetooth headset where it showed connected in the settings window but disconnected in the audio playback devices window.  Disconnecting and reconnection may help.  Turning the Bluetooth switch off then on may help.

If those don't help, remove the device and re-pair the device.  And lastly, uninstall the Bluetooth radio device in Device Manager and reinstall its driver.


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