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alienware m17xr3

I'm really disappointed in my m17r3 Smiley Sad

Ive had never ending charger problems and about a year ago the laptop suddenly stopped charging and i couldnt get it fixed anywhere so i had to go to dell, they ended up replacing the motherboard which i figured should end my problems with this laptop. now only 1 year down the line i shut the laptop down last night and it will not turn back on, its just dead as a door nail, i tried all the usual steps, power drain, taking out the battery, i even re seated the memory in it. the battery is fully charged and the power adapter is working fine.

nothing worked, its just dead.

I honestly don't even know where to go with this laptop anymore, i have an awful lot of stuff on it i don't want to lose and it cost me too much to just scrap it.

I'm almost certain its probably the motherboard again why are the motherboards such rubbish?

Is it not a bit unfair for me to have to pay for another motherboard when it was replaced so recently by dell?

my warranty has also expired.

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