I had an out of warranty repair. My laptop fell on the corner and broke a hinge. I paid $264 to have Dell to replace my hinge and the display cover for my laptop. My laptop came back 4 weeks later, should have been 2 1/2 weeks, and my mouse pad didn't work. I called back and had an onsite tech fix my mouse pad. About a month later, after the mouse pad was repaired, the screen started to pop out of the plastic. We didn't think anything of it, until one day the screen popped out and cracked the screen. We called into Dell Tech support, and we were told that we needed to pay for the repair. After arguing with tech support managers, and repeat calls, Dell was not going to repair my cracked screen under warranty. The lesson learned here is on first sight of a problem, call back into support. I didn't call in and now I am stuck. I also feel that tech support in other countries follow a script, and there is no room for an individual to make a decision to "FIX" the customer
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I am asking AGAIN from Dell to allow me to purchase the Display Back Cover of the Inspiron 13 7348