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base system divice drivers

I have an older Latutude D800 and cant seem to get the rite drivers.all work but base system divice drivers cannot be found.also my bios seems to be says im to have A04 but I have an A12??

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Re: base system divice drivers

Base system device = chipset drivers are not installed.

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Re: base system divice drivers

Hi icefang,

If you have re-installed the Operating System, you may install the drivers from Here -> Enter the service tag of your system ->  Select the operating system -> Download/install the drivers in correct order as given Here.

If the issue persists, You may follow the steps below to find the Hardware Id of device with missing drivers and share it here. 

  • Open Device Manager
  • Expand Other Devices
  • You may right click the device with missing driver and click on Properties -> Details -> Hardware Id

Please reply with the findings. Will take it further from there.

Thanks & Regards,
Sundeep B
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