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bios blind flash inspiron 1564 help!

a recent bios update on my 15" inspiron 1564[2009 model] c- i5, has become corrupted- the original bios is ao1, i need some help to try a blind flash but am finding it very hard to ascertain the correct bios to use, or even where to find it on the dell website, the only one i can find is ao8-13, same as what caused the problem[ao13],

be good to get some help here, ive tried ringing dell for some support , but, thats a waiting game so far, can anyone email or link me to the right bios from dell? or point me to some help or procedure to restore, such as dos bootable usb with bios on it?

it bsod after bios update from desktop package,

thanks from david .

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Re: bios blind flash inspiron 1564 help!

Hi David,

Welcome to the Community,

Here is the link for the latest BIOS version A13 for your system model : www.dell.com/.../inspiron-1564

To find the latest Drivers(including BIOS),go to www.support.dell.com,Drivers and Downloads,enter system Service Tag Number or Choose system model,select Operating System.

Hope this helps,

Thank You

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