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blank pcmcia card replacement?

So I had a technician replace the motherboard in my 8600, and it was a couple days later that I realized that the blank pcmcia cover was gone.  Anyone know the best (that's read "cheapest") place to replace it?
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You can get pricing and availability information from Dell Software and Peripherals.

The Software and Peripherals department can sell components from other vendors.

While Dell does not support these items outside of the first 30 days of ownership, this site can help guide you more effectively on a peripheral purchase than another retail vendor could.

Choose your business segment.

Click on Parts for Your Dell.

Pick your system type and model or enter your service tag for suggested products for your Dell computer.

They also have hard drive, memory and peripheral upgrade options.

If you cannot find what you are looking for by the search engine, you can contact our Spare Parts department.

Spare Parts


M - F

8 AM - 6 PM

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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