blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?


I have an Inspiron 1545 with windows 7.  I hadn't used it in about 3 months and when I used it again, it went to a blue screen with a bird on a branch.  I sometimes hear the hard drive scratching, but not all of the time.  I'm assuming this blue screen is telling me my hard drive went?  Am I right on that?  Sorry, kind of a novice with this.  I'm so mad because I was going to take all my pics off and put them on an external hard drive and now this.....ugh! 


Thanks for any help!

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Re: blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?

You lost me on the bird on a branch, could be an application you installed or a virus? If you're hearing your hardrive scratch then I'm assuming it's your hardrive and you probably need a replacement. Could be a disk in your cd-rom that's scratching?

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Re: blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?

I haven't installed anything.  The power cord stopped working so I had to order a new one, but I wasn't it a rush so I didn't use it for about 3 months until I finally bought a new cord, but before I stopped using it it was completely fine.  Here's a pic...hopefully the link works.

I thought it was the reinstall disc I had in the drive that was scratching but I took it out and it still did it.  I have tried to reinstall and everything and I get to "setup is starting" screen and then it just gets stuck.  I've googled the problem and many people seem to have the same screen problem, but nobody really posts a solution.  It's so frustrating!!!!

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Re: blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?

oops...pic just showed up automatically, guess I don't have to worry about the link working!!

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Re: blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?

When you get this screen;

Wait a few minutes till the hard drive activity is hopefully idling,

Press the CTRL key and the ALT key and the Del(ete) key together,

On the menu select "Start Task Manager",

If the mouse is not working use the down arrow key to move the faint highlight and press enter.

If task manager launches then select "File" > "New Task" (Run...)",

In the box type "explorer.exe" with no quotes and press enter.

That should get the desktop back.

Now find the command prompt icon in Programs > Accessories and right click. Select "Run as Administrator". Answer the UAC prompt.

In the black box type "chkdsk c: /F" with no quotes and press enter.

Press the "Y" key and enter to answer the next prompt.

Then type the word "exit" and press enter to close the command window. (Without the quotes.)

Restart the system and let chkdsk run.

Or tap the F8 when the Dell logo appears at power-on and when the menu appears select "Safe Mode". When Windows starts follow the same instructions about the command prompt to initiate chkdsk.

If all this fails then your hard drive might have a bad sector on the hard drive or a virus infection.

Use F12 at power-on to boot the diagnostics and test the drive. If drive is good then post  in the ant-virus forum.

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Re: blue screen with bird - bad hard drive?

Ctrl+Alt+Del won't work nor F8? Any other Ideas?

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