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c640 won't power up


know that this is probably a MB issue, but i thought i'd check to see if anyone else had another "cheaper/easier" idea to try before i plunk down the filthy lucre for another MB.

Have a 2 month old refurbished c640.

one day the screen sort of fades to a "pixely white" and stops working. can't reboot. power down. won't power up. waited a day. it powered up for about 3-4 minutes then went white again, won't power up.

when i try to power up, the 3 lights blink, you can hear it hit the hard drive .. then nothing. the whole process takes less than 2 seconds.

i'm gathering that it possibly overheated and fried the MB ... but why the fade to white ... why work the next day for 2-3 minutes?

i've tried w/wo the battery, w/wo cd, w/wo shoes and socks ... no dice.

any ideas?

thank you for your time.

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Re: c640 won't power up

Tried without HD?
This just sounds bad.  I have no idea what else could be causing this except the MB.
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Re: c640 won't power up

might be a display card error, or the LCD screen, I would suggest connecting an external monitor and see if it occurs on that also
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Re: c640 won't power up

Swap positions with the memory sticks, or try with just one installed. Try every combination of 1 stick and 2 sticks trying both slots.

Try also plugging in a regular monitor into it and see what happens.

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