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can you update the system configuration file externally?

I have a 6 year old, Inspiron 1300/B130. Since it was worked on about 3 years ago the Dell post screen never came up and Windows XP would load. Also, the PF8, or any other key would not bring up the setup screen or the boot option screen, it would only create a blank screen and would not load Win XP. So, to correct all these problems, I thought, I would re-install my original Windows XP Reinstallation CD to get a clean OP system. Well, it told me the OP system installed was newer then my CD and would not let me do it. It appears the repair shop updated my computer. Well, I thought if I could force a soft boot,  I could re-install an older version of the OP system.

What I did next is disable all startup processes and changed boot options to “safe boot” in Systems Configuration. Now Win XP will not boot at all.

My question is can I modify the Systems Configuration file, if is a file, and set it back to its original state so Win XP will load again? I would do this by taking the hard drive out and plugging it into a external drive. I would need to know the file name and what software I might be used to modify it.

My PC knowledge is limited but being an old mainframe programmer I could do it in hexadecimal if it could be listed that way.

I would appreciate any ideas that would help getting it back running.


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Re: can you update the system configuration file externally?

The only thing you need to do is boot FROM your WIndows CD (press F12 at powerup) and format the existing partition (or delete it).


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