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computer froze and now freezes on restart

this morning my computer wasn't working right and the clock had stopped so i decided to resart it but it wouldn't close out internet explorer or open the shut down menu so i pushed ctl-alt-del and chose shut down. it then froze so i turned off my laptop and when i tried to turn it back on it would show the "resuming windows" screen or something like that and then go into a screen saying there was an error in shutting down windows or something like that and it had me choose how to turn it back on. when i choose it goes to a black screen and gets stuck there. if i do it in safe mode it shows where it gets stuck and the last line on the screen is:


i don't really remember how to get to the diagnostics screens so i just pushed random buttons to try to get to the diagnostics screens and i guess it worked. so far have gotten:

Error code:0221

msg: error code 2000-0221

msg: chipset interval timer failed


error code: 4c00:041c

msg: channel 2 is not operating correctly. no periodic ticks were generated. the realtime clock is probably not functioning.

i have an inspiron E1505 with windows XP. dell replaced the motherboard in aug due to an overheating problem and i wonder if that could have something to do with it.


please help if you can. i got busy w/ school and didn't renew my service contract and so now i have to do it myself. i can't afford to buy a new computer till january at the earliest and so i'm hoping i can fix this.


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