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cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

hi,does anybody know if a 2.3 GHz AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile Processor M520 will fit and work in inspiron 1501?

looking to upgrade a friends laptop and trying to find the best(and cheapest) way to give it a boost.


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Dell-Rajesh R
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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

Hi joeybloggs,

Below are the processors shipped and compatible with the Inspiron 1501:

Processor type AMD Turion 64 Processors

  • Turion 64 TL-60 (2.0 GHz / 1 MB)
  • Turion 64 TL-56 (1.8 GHz / 1 MB)
  • Turion 64 TL-52 (1.6 GHz / 1 MB)
  • Turion 64 TL-50 (1.6 GHz / 512 KB)

AMD Sempron Processors

  • Sempron 3500+ (1.8 GHz / 512 KB)
  • Sempron 3400+ (1.8 GHz / 256 KB)
  • Sempron 3200+ (1.6 GHz / 512 KB)

The above processors are tested and compatible with Inspiron 1501.

Please reply for further questions.

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501


So if I now have a sempron in my 1501, I can upgrade to a turion 64 with no problems?


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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

My 1501 came from Dell with a Turion 64 X2 TL-58 (1.9 GHz ) and 2 GB DDR2 so if TL-60 is the fastest cpu available for it then I don't see much of a reason to bother upgrading mine. I doubt that 0.1 Ghz increase will make any difference.

In your case though I would quickly upgrade to TL-60 over a sempron and the good news is they only cost around $20

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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

Hey cosmonomo,

I did a little research & it looks like the CPU upgrade is a simple drop-in upgrade. That being said one thing you should absolutely do first is to make sure you have your BIOS updated as this will ensure you've got CPU compatibility. Be sure to do this before you do any disassembly to the computer.

Also, another critically important step is to make sure you've got thermal grease to apply to the new CPU. Artic Silver is generally considered the best from the enthusiasts I know & it's pretty cheap.

Hope this helps!

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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

Has anyone tried upgrading the 1501 with any of the other S1 CPUs (such as a Phenom II quad-core)?

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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

It is probably not supported by BIOS. I believe only what was posted by the Dell representative above is compatible with the 1501.


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RE: cpu upgrade for dell inspiron 1501

I agree that you have to update the bios for newer cpu compatibility. However, be warned that tl-64 and tl-68 or any similar cpu above tl-60 has a high thermal design power. Inspiron 1501 may overheat and shutdown when this new cpu is installed  because it will be too hot for pc.

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