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cracked screen Dell inspiron 7359 2 in 1.

I purchased the Dell Inspiron 7359 2 in 1 in April 2016. Just noticed today morning on opening my laptop that a crack had appeared right through the center of the screen and extending from the top of the screen to the right side edge like an inverted V. had been working on the machine till late in the night at which time it was fine and working fine . My laptop did not drop neither did I place any object on the machine this just appeared on its own and has left me quite stunned and surprised as I handle my laptop with great care.

I of course called the Dell support where I was informed that this was a case of physical damage to the machine and as I did not have any accidental damage coverage hence this will not be covered by the warranty. I am quite surprised that despite recurring instances of such cracks being reported without any accidental damage the representative remained adamant that there could be no other cause for a screen crack occurring other than physical damage to the machine.

I was made aware only after the conversation with the dell support representative that a separate accidental insurance is available for covering this problem. Why I was not offered or informed about purchasing accidental damage for the machine at time of purchase is another issue. The representative on the helpline said I should have asked for it when I purchased the machine. If only the person who sold the machine had explained that such situations will not be covered in the standard warranty provided I would have happily taken the extra cover too. In any case since this is not a case of accidental damage and the screen cracked spontaneously I think it is only fitting for Dell to rectify the problem in the standard warranty agreement. I have been using a dell laptop for past 20 years and had a XPS earlier which never gave me any trouble. This time it doesn't seem to be working so well.  I do hope Dell lives up to its reputation of being a reputable company and resolves this issue without repeatedly arguing that this is a case of physical damage to the machine.

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