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d830 Nvidia nvs140m took a dump. Looking for replacement part numbers...

Hi, My nvs140m decided to go on permanent hiatus... I am well out of warranty... Any chance that the special extension for motherboard replacement still exists? I have since bought a poorly described MB that turned out to be a nvs135m...

If I cannot get an official dell replacement, I need to know how to identify my MB part number. And if possible, I would like to know the best replacement p/n's that I should look for. And actually, if you can provide a breakdown of MB p/n's and their differences, that would be better (in case I cannot find the best replacement part... I could accept 2nd best, etc...) .

I did find out how to identify the GPU but it is proving to be tough to get vendors to identify the MBs with the GPU part number.

Another thinkiedink, I believe that I found the fastest CPU for this system (Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6 GHz Dual-Core) and it is working just fine on this nvs135m-128mb-2gb ram situation. I am running Win7sp1-64bit and may install, maybe, Ubuntu 64bit (latest of course). But, In looking into more RAM, I know that this system will officially support 4gb (2x2)... I have heard success with ppls installing 8gb (2x4) with BIOS-a13 or newer.

IS it possible to go bigger with RAM? I'm on BIOS-a15. i.e. 16gb (2x8).

Thanks for the read and will have more thanks for your thoughts/info!!

Take care!!!!!!!!!

\\\ Kevin...........

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RE: d830 Nvidia nvs140m took a dump. Looking for replacement part numbers...

All extensions on that warranty are long over.

If you plan to keep the system awhile, replace the board with the Intel version (first link).  You'll also need a new heatsink (second link).



The nVidia chips are all of faulty design and another such board will simply fail again.

No, you cannot go to 16G of RAM on this system - even 8 is a stretch, but may work (it's not supported).

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RE: d830 Nvidia nvs140m took a dump. Looking for replacement part numbers...

Thank you for your reply...

But, I require the knowledge that will tell me the newest and baddest m/b that I can possibly purchase for this system (Newest mfg date with the nvs140m/256mb?). There are more than a SH-ton of m/b's that will 'work' in this laptop. I need someone from DELL that has inside tech information. Are you? I don't know. Either way, I know what I want, I don't need suggestions. Thanks anyway.

Now, am I just dreamy and thinking that the nvidia quadra nvs140m gpu out benches the intel gm965 express? Nah, not dreaming... it does.

I'm interested in better performance over longevity. I am well into 3d AutoCAD and the likes... In replacing the m/b with what turned out to be the nvs135m, I took a major hit in vid performance. I am in no way willing/wanting to take a step back, even further, into basic intel graphics.

All in all. I will not be affording a newer system, I am making due with (more or less) what I got. just because I am more than fine with the performance that this lappie offers me. I am just at a point where I can and will be upgrading to 'best as possible'... still WAY cheaper than a new system.

As for the memory... I was reading from someone that was probably writing out of their ***... I cannot find compatible RAM above 8gb. So this part being answered, I will be attempting a 2x4gb kit sooner er later.

Needing a new heatsink, Yeah, well, I am way more advanced than this. I know u don't know my skill level so here's a basic... I was programming before 6th grade on a NEW TRS-80... Cassette drives weren't even available yet... I was running cat5 and administrating 3000+node networks in the Silly-Con Valley before the tech crash of the 2000's... We can say, top to bottom.

Anyway, thanks again for your input, I just need really specific answers.

Take care,

\\\ Kevin.....................

\\\ Kevin...........

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