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damaged usb on my m11x r3

hi, I want to know if somebody has the same issue. I bought my m11x r3 like 3 moths ago. I was one of the USB 3.0 ports with a western digital passport, the other one as between a kingston multi card reader and my nokia phone, and I put a little 4 ports usb hub on the 2.0 port with only the genius keyboard and the razer orochi mouse.

the thing is I need more ports because I have the multi function printer and I bought a dvd burner that requires 2 ports, so I bought a 7 ports hub for it. the thing is I connect everything but suddenly a mistake start to appear about the hub is needing more power than supplied or something. Really weird, because the hub comes with an ac adapter. At like 15 minutes of that, simply nothing more work and the laptop shut down.

then I unplug everything and  turn on the laptop and everything looks fine, but I go afraid of plug the hub again so I plug the old hub with the keyboard and mouse only like I used to and then again the same error message.

At last I plug the keyboard in the 3.0 port and the mouse in the 2.0 port but nothing, the mouse, the keyboard, even the printer, nothing works so I must assume that the port is damaged.

I really hope that I made something wrong and is a driver thing or something but until now I couldn’t find the trouble. Please any help will be welcome.

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Re: damaged usb on my m11x r3

Boot into Safe Mode.  Try the mouse and or keyboard - if those don't work even in safe mode, you've likely fried the USB controller (and will need to replace the mainboard).

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