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dell 3521

hi, i have the same problem, i just wont to know that why the Windows Experience Index for wind7 and the CPUZ program can't read the ATI 7670 GPU , and i made some personal researches ..

to be sure that the ATI GPU is already running just go to the device manger from My computer or from the Control Panel,

the disable or Uninstall the ATI card from the display adapters lists ,, if the screen flash and the screen resolution changed by it self, then your ATI is fully working .. if not, then its not  

I tried Assassin's Creed 3 on high Graphics except the shadows in medium, and its works Excellent.. and the Hitman Absolution also its perfect on a lot of high Graphics settings and this impossible to happen on  the Intel 4000 ..  

i'm waiting for your reply

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Re: dell 3521

The Windows Experience Index CAN test the AMD GPU - you must select to run it with that GPU using the Catalyst control panel (switching graphics control).

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Re: dell 3521

Thank you very much

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