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dell E5440 with nvida 720m.

Here is my issue in a nutshell.  I've turned "on" the nvida graphics card via the nvidia control panel AND the Intel Graphics Contol page.  As I play games like Star Wars : The Old Republic, the laptop seems to switch between the intel and nvidia graphics cards as the graphics are recalculated.  I also play Skyrim.  Often, the screen will freeze for a few seconds interrupting the game play.

I've downloaded the most "current" nvidia drivers but I'm now wondering if I should backrev the drivers to what Dell provides.  While decent graphics are nice, the pauses in gameplay are not becoming unacceptable to the point of wanting to disable the nvidia card entirely.  While the whole dual graphics idea might be good on paper, my experience with it has been pretty poor. Smiley Sad

Any help would be appreciated.

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