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dell inspiron 15 3521 headphone problem,

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i purchased dell inspiron 3521 1 month  ago and i am facing this problem:

i have problem with headphones.whenever i attach my headphone my sound stops even i remove headphone, i face no sound problem until i restart laptop.
the second problem i face while attaching headphone is that many applications/software stop responding.for example if i start any game, on the intro screen the game stops responding.also other applications like media players.
3rd problem caused by attaching headphone is at shutdown screen laptop takes very long to shut down.even hour Smiley Sad

i don't face problem when i am not using headphones.

i tried different headphones but got same result.

currently i am using 3 segmented headphones.

can any one help me that its my laptop problem software/hardware or i have to use special kind of headphones?

thank you.

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Dell-Rajesh R
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Re: dell inspiron 15 3521 headphone problem,

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Hi AkNiazi,

When did this issue begin?

I recommend running SFC scanner on the computer.

Follow below steps to run SFC scanner:

  • Open the start menu
  • In the search box, type cmd
  • Right click on cmd and select Run as administrator.
  • In command prompt  type: sfc /scannow

If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall Audio drivers:


I recommend, uninstall and reinstall the audio drivers.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe up and tap the All apps icon.
  2. If you have a mouse, right-click on the Start screen and then click All apps.
  3. Once on the Apps screen, scroll or swipe to the right until you see the Windows System heading.
  4. Tap or click on Control Panel, located under Windows System.
  5. Windows 8 will bring up the Desktop and automatically open the Control Panel.
  6. Tap or click on the Hardware and Sound link.
  7. In the Hardware and Sound window, click or tap Device Manager, located under the Devices and Printers heading.In the “Device Manager” window, click the plus sign next to “sound, video and game controllers” to expand it.
  8. Under “sound, video and game controllers” right click on sub option, click “Uninstall”.
  9. Check the box “Delete driver software for this device”, click ok and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall audio driver.
  10. Restart the computer.



Also, run diagnostics on Webcam from the below link:


Under Symptom select No sound and click on Run diagnostics.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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RE: dell inspiron 15 3521 headphone problem,

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I had same issue with my lappe,After that I was followed your instruction .Now its working fine for me .

Thanks .


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RE: dell inspiron 15 3521 headphone problem,

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Well, I own this laptop and had this same problem. Now, I know I may be late on the reply but this problem could be an easier fix than reinstalling drivers. I run a successful laptop repair and troubleshooting shop (IN America) and I've found that sometimes an easier approach is:

  1.open your "Dell Audio" manager (gotten to easiest by clicking the triangle menu button next to the time and date) and then double click the speaker icon.

  2. from there, navigate to the "Advanced" tab (if you haven't yet, now is the time to plug in your headphones/speakers/etc) .

  3. go to sub tab "Jack Information"

  4. click on the jack (if you have one jack there will be only one option)

  5. left click the jack and an options menu will pop-up. In that menu click and choose the plain "Speaker Out" option (if it isn't yet selected) and press "OK".

  6. now go back into those settings for the same jack and this time click "Headphone/Headset" and then click "OK" again. Your headphones AND speakers should now work.

  A common problem I've noticed is, unknowingly, people can sometimes switch this setting to "Speaker Out" or the laptop itself just simply runs on a different setting (and shows an entirely different setting) by merely misreading a code during an update. Again, I do this stuff for a living and have done this countless times. 9 times out of 10 this will fix it. Rarely ever will you NEED to reinstall the drivers. Reinstalling drivers should be a last option. I hope any other viewers who read this article find it useful and easier.

(No disrespect to the support team or anyone else. Just stating what I know from an outside professional view)

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