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dell l502x battery not charging


my laptop says that the power adaptor is unknown i have checked all the possible ways to fix it.

i went to boot menu and saw the adapter type. it says unknown. the battery charges sometimes. but nowadays it has stopped charging. 

the error message which i get at startup tells that the adapter should be 130 or above.

my adapter satisfies the condition but still the battery dosent charges.

i saw dell battery meter also and it said the battery was working properly.

please help me.



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RE: dell l502x battery not charging

First step:  try a new Dell OEM power adapter (NOT a third party unit). If that doesn't solve the problem,replace the DC jack:


And if that doesn't do it, replace the mainboard.

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RE: dell l502x battery not charging

I may have to try that. Mine's been acting up again. It's been loose for a long time. If I even adjust how I'm sitting on the couch while using it, the power cord will pop out. Dell sent me a replacement charger back in 2012 when it was still under warranty. Now that it's out, I guess I'll have to buy that charge port. At least it's inexpensive. Otherwise, the laptop has been great. No other issues.


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