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dell n4050 won't wake up from sleep


recently, i bought a new dell n4050 with windows 7 home edition 64bit, intel 2nd generation i3 2310m 2.1 ghz.

when i put my laptop to sleep (for example, when closing the lid) it doesn't wake up.

i've checked all the power options and everything's OK. i've also run diagnostics tests and the resluts were fine, and updating hardware drivers and BIOS version didn't help also.

the laptop goes to sleep normally, but pressing the power button or hitting the keyboard keys don't wake it up. the only option i have when it goes to sleep is to restart the laptop by pressing the power button for a long time, and when it comes back up, the "computer didn't shut down properly" screen shows up.

i don't want to wake my laptop up with LAN or WiFi, only with the power button or one of the keyboard keys. what can i do?





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DJ Mai
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Re: dell n4050 won't wake up from sleep


I also have the same problem. The system came with Ubuntu but I changed the OS to Windows XP and downloaded the video drivers from Intel for Intel HD Graphics. I have no other problems except it won't resume from standby or hibernate. I already flashed BIOS to A04 and made sure I was using the updated video driver. Please help!


- Mydith

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Re: dell n4050 won't wake up from sleep

Hi guys.

I owned N4050 with i5 2430M and win7 64.

plz update your bios to A05 , will be fine.


Harold from china

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Re: dell n4050 won't wake up from sleep


i am also facing same problem

and my bios is already a05

it is still not working help me !!


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