dell problems

I have a dell inspiron approx 3 years old currently power going through to unit but not starting up - screen remains black - and after a few seconds a loud intermittent tone/alarm is sounded from the unit - any ideas please

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Re: dell problems

Hi malkyjags,

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The issue that you are facing seems to be related to the hardware.

However, I would like to know since when you have been facing this issue with the machine? How many beeps are heard from the machine? What is the status of the power button LED on the machine when you power it on? What is the status of the lock leds (caps lock, num lock and scroll lock) ? Does the LED respond when you tap any of the lock keys?

We can try a few tests to check what exactly is happening on the machine

Shut the machine down completely > press and hold the Fn key and power on the machine using the power button > after 3-4 seconds, let go of the Fn key > check if you get any video or if the machine initiates any kind of test or if it beeps after close to 6-7 mintues

Please try this as well:

Power off the machine > press and hold the letter D > power on the machine > check if you get to see different colours on the screen

Let me know the findings so that I can help you further.

Thanks and Regards,

Sheetal Katke


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Re: dell problems

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