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dell trys to make things right, heat during delivery

I recently had purchased a new laptop and it came defective, wouldn't charge. After all the time involved which was a pain, dell came through and for the most part satisfyed me with the replacement. It did take nearly 2 months from the time I purchased a laptop to recieve one that worked.

I did notice in the delivery from FedEX that the box was very extremely HOT to the touch and when I opened it the laptop was extremely hot as well and took some time for it to cool off. Was curious if the extreme heat in those trucks could damage the laptop? 

 I am still dealing with issues with DFS and hope now that the pc  replacement is complete they can make things right seeing I was not at fault for a 2 month wait for a working PC.


Give Dell some time to make it right and maybe you will get ahold of the right manager to work for you.  I agree some there need to find a new line of work.

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