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dell xps 1640 won't start

Placing a new SSD into a DVD caddy, the XPS do not start!

BUT, after the job, everything was right at the  testing with closed Palm Rest. Replacing the screws  for Palm Rest, NO MORE STARTING!  Remove the screws, all is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replacing the screws one by one, I found one, which makes the trouble, near the small module connection with the motherboard, driving the upper Led row and the power button. I opened the Palm Rest again, and start the Laptop, but I could not shut down it, by the button, only by Windows. Since than the laptop won't start again...

The power button and it's wire is perfect. (D1 on the board???)

The  power adapter and the charging is right.

Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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