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drivers for a reboot of Inspiron 5520

HI....I have an Inspiron 5520 just over a year old that had a crashing issue.... Windows logo would turn in the startup , freeze, blue screen for a second and then complete crash... Computer tried to repair itself with no avail... Tried startup repair and system restore with no avail as well... Finally , as a last resort, I used the Data Safe restore function and it worked... The crashes stopped and got to a home page... Installed Windows 7 32 Bit for an operating system ... Question is what Driver downloads do I need to download and install at this point ?... I have no wireless internet hookup and have downloaded several recommended Dell drivers for Win 7 32bit for the wireless driver with no luck in finding the right one that works for the wireless hookup  ... Are there other drivers I need to download and install along with the wireless driver ?... Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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RE: drivers for a reboot of Inspiron 5520

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