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e5450 fingerprint sensor works from time to time

Hi all

Meet a strange problem - the fingerprint sensor works not every time but 1 from 2. Setting it normally, Windows hello exists. But when login (doesn't matter from sleep or from  boot) some times it works, some times there are no reaction at all. Had an assumption that system doesn't load all necessary drivers etc, but even after waiting a while sensor is not working.

Some times if to slide the finger several times back and forth very fast, system tells "can't recognize" and then if to move the finger normally, it works fine.

But some times nothing helps and I'm forced to press a button to go to the login page. Now the next strange ting happens every time - I've set both password and PIN login ways, and all other NB I have "remember" my choice and offer me PIN login always. But my 5450 every time offer me password as a default, so I need to choose PIN again each time.

It looks like system forgot the choice, fingerprint completely but PIN only as a default choice.

e5450 1 month old, Win 10 pro.

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