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e6420 standard keyboard to backlit


I own a Latitude E6420 laptop that came with the standard keyboard. I purchased a backlit keyboard online but the lights will not turn on and the Fn + right arrow doesnt do anything.

I know that you have to enable it in the BIOS but I dont have the option. Is it possible to install another version of the BIOS with the backlit feature? I really would like to get this to work.


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RE: e6420 standard keyboard to backlit

Hi itsstock02,

Thanks for the post! The latest BIOS for your system can be downloaded from the Drivers & Download pages linked below. I would also recommend installing the “Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Application”. Once the Keyboard Illumination is enabled in your systems BIOS, the Feature Enhancement Pack can be used to configure functionality within Windows.  


Latitude E6420 – Dell Drivers & Downloads




Keyboard Illumination

This field lets you choose the operating mode of the keyboard illumination feature. The keyboard will automatically illuminate when the internal keyboard, touchpad or pointstick are used.

The <Fn + Right Arrow> hotkey can also be used to change this setting during normal system operation.

The keyboard illumination brightness level can be set from the following options:

  • Disabled
  • Level is 25%
  • Level is 50%
  • Level is 75%
  • Level is 100%

Default setting: Level is Disabled



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RE: e6420 standard keyboard to backlit

Thanks for the help, but neither of those worked. 

I updated the BIOS to A21 about a week ago hoping that the "keyboard illumination" feature would be available but it isnt there. 

I just downloaded the Dell Enhancement Pack but I only get smart settings and battery settings. There is nothing to open (other than an help page) in the keyboard area.

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