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e6520 i5-2430m webcam and ssd part number info

Hello forum members

I guess, you guys solved this issue since long time, but i decided to give you few questions after several years of using this notebook. Please, help me to solve them: 

1. My webcam is missing randomly. Sometimes it is even "losing" the driver of camera. It is appearing as unknown device. Only after restart it is working again. It may lose again after some time if i work with it. I have re-installed the driver - the same thing. Checked updates - no sign. Any solution? 

2. Is there anyway to find out which internal ssd i can add to this notebook? could you share the part number? also for RAM with 4 GB. 

3. Is there any way to get my OEM windows? like to download from somewhere? 

thanks for any answer. 

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