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e7450 crashes randomly during sleep

I own an e7450 laptop running windows 10 education. I have no problems when the laptop is running, either on power or on battery. Also, I have no problems during stress tests.

But sometimes when I put the laptop to sleep mode either by pressing the power button or by closing the lid, the laptop shuts down. It is not a normal shut down, but it behaves like a sudden loss of power. There were many occasions where I lost some of my work because of an unsaved file. This may happen during sleep mode or while changing to this mode.

When I restart the laptop, the boot process repeats and there are no warnings. But sometimes I get messages that the shutdown was caused by overheating.

As I stated above, no problems are found if I test the laptop (either through BIOS or windows). There is only one exception: One of the USB Status Tests cannot run. I get the warning message: The device might be misconfigured or the driver support might not be present. Here is the log file:

I would like to add that sometimes I get the message: The system cannot communicate with your battery (while running windows). But this happens rarely.

The laptop has the latest BIOS and drivers. I am in frequent communication with Dell support in my country. The last thing we changed was a power management option for Intel Management Engine Interface (disallowing the computer to turn off this device to save power). This didn't solve the problem.

What I suspect is a faulty piece of hardware. For example a thermal sensor. I don't think that windows 10 is causing me problems because I had the same issue with windows 7.

I will appreciate any kind of help and ideas.

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RE: e7450 crashes randomly during sleep

Just wondering if you had any luck in addressing the sleep/crash issue with your E7450.  I was googling my symptoms when I can across this post, ran SupportAssist and found that I had the same error message (with my E7450 - Windows 10 Pro);

Warning Message: The device might be misconfigured or the driver support might not be present.

So, I've been trying to diagnose and address myself but if you've had any feedback, or a solution, I'd appreciate knowing how you addressed it.



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RE: e7450 crashes randomly during sleep

I think I may have found the fix for this, or at least a workaround for it.  By rolling back the driver for the O2Micro SD/MMC device in Device Manager to an earlier version, which as it turns out will revert to a generic Microsoft driver, the sleep/hibernate/wake crashing issue should go away.  AND, don't let the system update that driver in the future.

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